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Clean Area where Clean Nature coexists with Healthy Beauty

ReinPlatz’s Natural Stories! Natural Cosmetics with the motto, Pureness

ReinPlatz is a naturalism cosmetic brand that makes customers beautiful utilizing natural benefits of Gochang,a clean area and pursues eco-friendly green life 
to keep environmental health. ReinPlatz Cosmetics made with natural ingredients gathered from Gochang represent coexistence with nature. 
Our cosmetics are made with a differentiated method together with fresh natural ingredients grown by local farmers.

Gochang is located in the south-west region of Korea, where was designated as protected biosphere reserve by the UNESCO. 
ReinPlatz will deliver energy obtained from fresh ingredients and clean nature to your heart and body.

ReinPlatz’s Three Promises


1. To pursue healthy beauty with reliable natural ingredients

2. To encourage good consumption by offering various and quality products at reasonable prices

3. To provide an opportunity for you to satisfy the five senses with variety of nature


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